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The Tahoe-LAFS project is a next-generation distributed storage system with advanced cryptographic properties that make it attractive for far-flung cooperative storage. It distributes your filesystem across multiple servers, and even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire filesystem continues to work correctly, and preserves your privacy and security.


  • A Publish/Subscribe Style Decentralized Introduction Decentralized introduction can effectively distribute the task of introducing new nodes and thus Tahoe-LAFS can get rid of the problem of single-point of load and single-point failure (Issue #68). Here we propose to implement a publish/subscribe style algorithm that can enable multiple introducers to share the load of introduction tasks in a decentralized way. Scalability analysis, verification through simulation/experimentation and performance testing is also included here.
  • Cloud App - Music Player Tahoe-LAFS is a perfect platform for distributing web applications which are highly dependant on user's data and require no server-side capabilities. I plan to write a fully featured music player which embraces the social components of the web while retaining privacy and security provided by Tahoe-LAFS. This application should be just a glimpse of what can be built on top of Tahoe-LAFS: highly interactive applications providing alternative views to files stored in Tahoe-LAFS.
  • DVCS integration with tahoe-lafs Tahoe-lafs is a secure distributed file system which have unique security and capability access control property.By using security means such as cryptography,erasure coding,least-authority, it can provide security protection such as confidentiality,integrity and fault-tolerance. In this project we plan to integrate some popular DVCS such as mercurial,git and darcs with tahoe-lafs.The integrated-DVCS can read/write storage grid directly and use the unique features which tahoe-lafs provides.
  • Implement MDMF files in Tahoe-LAFS The current mutable file design in Tahoe-LAFS does not scale well to files of arbitrary size. This behavior is inconsistent with user expectations.To fix this, I will implement the "Medium sized Distributed Mutable Files" scheme described in ticket #393.