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WordPress is a PHP-based open source (GPLv2) web publishing platform that has been around for almost 7 years. Led by Matt Mullenweg, the project currently has four lead developers, half a dozen additional committers, and hundreds of contributing developers. WordPress is translated into 65 languages, and is used by over 20 million people around the world to publish web content.












We are most interested in working with students who are already familiar with the WordPress codebase, and will give preference to those who have submitted at least one core patch or created one plugin for the plugin repository. This helps us ensure that no time will be lost at the beginning of the project to learning the basic coding practices in WordPress, and that you'll know you enjoy working with our code and community. If you haven't submitted code in these ways before, you are encouraged to do so before submitting your application, even if it is only a trivial patch or plugin.






















































  • A Visual CSS Editor Create a CSS editor that will be easily integrated to existing themes and provide users with a better alternative to theme options.
  • An Advanced Theme Editor and Revisioning System I intend to build an advanced theme editing and revisioning system. The main focus would be to develop revisioning and snapshots for theme files (and themes themselves). In some respects, the project is a bundled series of improvements of the existing theme editor, which the project aims to replace in core. Revisions would be stored as a custom post type and would be backed by a diff engine. Additional goals are to identify and implement a replacement for CodePress and sandbox functions.php.
  • Automatic WordPress Migration At the moment a lot of developers use a staging server (e.g. blog.localhost) and then migrate their changes onto a "live" site. The current problem is that WordPress is very hard to migrate to a new host (e.g. to This solution would create a simple and effective user interface for migrating a WordPress installation to a new host.
  • BuddyPress as a teaching tool The idea is to port/implement ScholarPress as a component into BuddyPress.
  • BuddyPress: Multimedia component and Moderation component 2 Buddypress plugins: add multimedia capability and upload from remote to bp-album plugin; code a moderation plugin that adds "report this" links to posted contents, so members can easily report unappropriate content and site admins can easily take action on reported contents from wp backend.
  • Comment Moderation Improvements I would like to work on an enhancement of the current WordPress comment moderation tools. In particular, I would like to add a way to re-assign a comment to a different parent thread. For some reason, many commentators ignore the threading and leave their message as a root-level comment. It would be very handy to have a way for users with sufficient privileges to move a comment into a different thread. Also, I think the Admin could use better threaded comment support.
  • Dashboard "Setup Completion" Module When you first set up a WordPress site, there are certain steps you have to go through: pick a theme, change your password, edit your tagline, choose your comment settings, etc. On the Dashboard screen there will be a module that kept track of how many of these things you’ve done, and marked off your progress. Each successive login would offer the user an option to finish/enhance their site setup by completing another thing(s) they haven’t gotten around to yet.
  • Enhanced list-type admin screens Enable sorting by column and AJAXify all controls on list-type screens: pagination, sorting, filters, bulk-delete etc.
  • Events Plugin for WordPress and BuddyPress Events have become an integral part of Social Networking; this plugin would also be useful for - allowing people to handle WordCamp registration through the WordCamp site itself, etc. This plugin will provide basic event functionality for plain vanilla WordPress installs and enhanced capabilities for BuddyPress installs by leveraging the new Wordpress Custom post types and moving on from that.
  • Full-Throttle Trac Annihilation The goal of the project is to annihilate as much issues from WP trac as possible. My goal is to close 72 issues (one per day), although if I complete it sooner, I will be working full steam on fixing other bugs until the deadline.
  • Specialized Theme for Ideas & Feedback The current WordPress Idea Forum is a useful and necessary way for the project to receive feedback and accept feature requests from the WordPress user-base. However, there are certain features that could be improved and refined to make the forum even more effective. Just as P2 impacted Automattic positively by allowing instant collaboration on posts and topics, I believe a new specialized "ideas" theme would foster user-base collaboration on ideas in the Idea Forum.
  • WordPress Achievements WordPress Achievements seeks to reward beginning developers and veterans for ways they are involved with WordPress. WordPress Achievements will offer beginning developers a way to measure their progress. This can be a life-saver, as the amount of information to newcomers can often seem insurmountable. Veteran developers can have fun trying to earn more involved goals, e.g. "got huge amounts of traffic and survived". This is a great way to keep the interest going in WordPress as a community.
  • WordPress File API Stream Wrapper Support The goal of this project is to improve the file handling capabilities of WordPress by making PHP's stream wrapper functionality a part of the File API. PHP stream wrappers allow virtually any type of resource to be represented as a normal file. Stream wrappers will make the implementation details of file management transparent to developers fostering cross plugin interoperability and increasing the flexibility of WordPress.