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Google Summer of Code 2010

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The organisation supports the development of many open-source projects including: the xen hypervisor (awarded the best open-solution for cloud comuting at CeBIT); the xen client initiative (developing a platform for client virtualisation); and the xen cloud platform (aiming to be a complete, open-source, cloud-infrastructure platform)


  • Adding new futures to XCP web-interface I want to add support for creating new virtual machines to the XCP web-interface. I want to add some other futures like creating storage devices. Managing of existing virtual machines and storage devices.
  • Migration from memory ballooning to memory hotplug in Xen Ballooning does not give possibility to extend memory over boundary declared at the start of system. Additionally, two mechanisms may confuse the user/administrator. Those limitations could be removed by migration from memory ballooning to memory hotplug in Xen.
  • XCP integration with DRBD Xen Cloud Platform integration with DRBD