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X.Org develops the X Window System, the standard window system for open source operating systems and devices and by far the most widely used graphics layer on Linux. X.Org's Summer Of Code also handles Mesa3D, DRI, and graphics driver projects.


  • Cairo State Tracker This project aims to create a state tracker to Cairo(cairo backend).It means write a cairo backend on Top of Gallium3D.
  • Improve input support for XCB As XCB implements only an incomplete subset of keyboard functions, its employment by application programmers is somewhat hindered. This is even amplified by the fact that complete XKB protocol descriptions have been added in 2009, but libxcb still lacks support due to missing code generators. In the course of this project the XCB keyboard support should be extended to enable XKB-unaware, XKB-capable or even XKB-aware applications.
  • Improve the GLSL Compiler Backend for the R300 Driver The goal of this project is to increase the number of GLSL features supported by the R300 driver. GLSL is an important part of the OpenGL specification and is widely used by modern graphics programs. Increasing the number of GLSL features that the R300 driver supports will ensure that users can run the programs they want.
  • KMS for Permedia3/4 as a method for Documenting the KMS driver writing process Kernel mode-setting allows for faster and more graphical boots with fewer flickers. Only the big three drivers, Radeon, Intel, and Nouveau, support KMS, but there are many more X11 drivers that could benefit as well. Unfortunately, the big three drivers are large and complex, and is there no official documentation for writing KMS drivers. This project aims to provide both documentation for writing KMS drivers and a basic, unaccelerated, reference KMS driver for Permedia3-series hardware.
  • Use upstream pieces to make a fully plug-and-play USB multiseat solution. My name is Lucas Nascimento Ferreira, I am student of Computer Science and I have worked with multiseat over the last 3 years in MDM project. I would like to work in the "USB Multiseat Refinement" idea because in Brazil multiseats are becoming very common on public schools, but they are having many problems with this. This project plan includes study the state of the upstream pieces nowadays and, using the existing source code of Plugable solution, implement a clear USB Multiseat solution.