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Google Summer of Code 2011

The Codehaus

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The Codehaus is an organisation that provides support and hosting for various opensource projects. Historically it had a Java-centric project base, however that is changing with the increase in dynamic languages like Ruby and Groovy. It supports projects with business-friendly (i.e. non-viral) licences.


  • Better integration of Castor XML and Spring OXM The main aim of this project will be extending Spring OXM with additional Castor functionality. How this will be achieved had been described more detaily in the actual proposal.
  • Refactor Lock Engine Since Java 5, Java has introduced the java.util.concurrent API. But the Castor project has not supported java.util.concurrent API yet. In the Castor JDO module, the LockEngine implements the read/write lock, and use custom lock mechanism. So the LockEngine is very complicated and error-prone. The “Refactor Lock Engine” project I propose here will refactor the Castor to support the java.util.concurrent API, and make LockEngine more readable and maintainable, and repair some concurrency bugs.
  • Refactor transformation of OQL to SQL queries The link between parser and logic of loading should be implemented. Concerning this matter, refactorings have to be done, a validator has to be implemented and a SQL generator has to be created.
  • Sonar proposal : Manage a big clone index New COPY/PASTE detector algorithm with main objective to reduce memory usage (comparing to CPD) and to create incremental codebase index.