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Google Summer of Code 2011

Freeseer video recording and streaming suite

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The Freeseer project is a powerful software suite for capturing video. It enables you to capture great presentations, demos, training material, and other videos. It handles simple desktop screen-casting with ease. It is one of a few such tools that can record vga output. It is particularly good at handling large conferences with hundreds of talks. Freeseer can run on a laptop with commodity hardware such as a web cam, camcorder, or vga capture device. The resulting system fits easily into a laptop and can be assembled in under 10 minutes to record any number of presentations/demos/talks.


  • FreeSeer Command Line Interface This proposal will enable Freeseer to work via command line, this way users will be able to interacting with the application by typing commands to perform specific tasks. The implementation of this task will provide some extra automation power to the application, since customized tasks may be scheduled and performed separately without any graphic interaction.
  • Freeseer Video Uploader This project aims to complete issues #44 and #55 as found here and respectively. Which will allow Freeseer to automatically upload all videos in a directory to video hosting site that allows scp/sftp upload, alternatively this project will allow uploading to a Drupal based website. Currently Freeseer has no such capability therefore uploading “talks” or videos has to be done manually which is time consuming