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The AbiSource community consists of a highly skilled group of people interested in, as our tagline states, bringing Word Processing to Everyone. We do this for example by making our software, AbiWord being our flagship product, available on as many (operating) systems as possible, and adapting it for use on the One Laptop Per Child system. AbiWord has the unique ability to allow real-time collaboration allowing users to work on joint documents simultaneously.


  • Dialog improvements This idea wants to solve these two problems in Abiword: 1. Users can set table attributions(width, height, rotate-angle) preciously in table-setting dialog 2. Make Frame expandable when users enter extra line of text I would like to split this idea to two part: 1. Table Setting Dialog: including dimensions setting and 'rotate-angle' setting 2. Frame expandable, making Frame expandable when users enter extra line of text for the 'rotate-angle' setting issue, it is another GSOC topic, but if none deal with that, I can do this two topic together.
  • Implement and Improve the import and export of math from/to odt, doc & docx formats The aim is to Investigate, Improve and Implement the import & export of math from/to 1) odt 2) doc & 3) docx formats making it convenient to work across all applications such as MS word, LibreOffice Writer and in the process improving AbiWord as a cross platform word processor.
  • Improve ODF support Currently ODF is one of the most popular document formats, so it’s support is vital part of AbiWord. There are still some issues that need to be fixed to improve ODF support. The aim of this project is to solve these issues and give to users even better support of ODF features.
  • Improving Abiword's OpenXML(.docx) support In this project, Abiword's docx format support will be developed. Both importing and exporting docx files will be done better after fixing bugs and providing some additional features to docx support.
  • Table Improvements Abiword is a cross platform, light weight text processor. In this project I hope to implement repeating table header, a feature that allows Abiword's Table to repeat a selected row as header on top of each page that the table is broken over. In the event that I finish the project early, I will start work on improving the Table Dialog in Abiword.