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Benetech is a 501c(3) nonprofit creating innovative technology for social change in literacy, human rights and the environment.  In the our literacy program, our most prominent project is Bookshare - the world's largest online library of accessible books and textbooks for people with print disabilities (e.g. blind, dyslexic, quadriplegic, cerebral palsy).  

Current generation smartphones and tablets are creating lower cost and richer reading experiences for people with print disabilities. GSoC students will have the opportunity to expand the capabilities and targeted disabilities of our open source Android Bookshare reading app, which went into public Beta in April 2012 as Go Read.

To learn more about how students with learning or vision disabilities are using mobile devices to read, check out this recent video:


  • Ability to Access Bookshare Periodical Content & Share books of Facebook Here, I will try to integrate periodical content downloading ability to FBReader and give ability to share the books of interest to user on facebook, using facebook_sdk for android and Graph API
  • Voicing of MathML expressions and integration into FBReaderJ Android application This project will entail adding support for the voicing of MathML in DAISY3 files according to the MathSpeak standard to the FBReaderJ Android application. MathML will be processed using an XML parser, converted into valid MathSpeak text, and spoken using Android's native TTS service.
  • Word-Level Highlighting Synchronized with TTS The main goal of this project is to provide an android app for “Word-Level Highlighting Synchronized with TTS” using open source TTS engine named “flyte”.This helps dyslexic users to read and study text documents in more understandable format. It includes mainly two Jobs: 1) To change the internal C code and port in to android using ndk4 . 2) building an android app for word level synchronization using JAVA and android SDK.