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Google Summer of Code 2012 Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

A Distributed Architecture to Stream Twitter and Sina Weibo Microblog Posts

by Ross for Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

This project comprises two parts. For the first third of the summer, I will implement a core architecture for streaming Twitter data, detecting Tweets related to censorship, and extracting the URLs or domain names that are censored. For the remaining two-thirds of the summer, I will focus on three extension goals. First, I will develop a semi-automated learning algorithm that updates the follow and track parameters on each stream on a daily basis in order to capture more censorship-related Tweets. Second, I will duplicate the Twitter architecture for Sina Weibo. I can implement the technical model quickly, but I will need to consult language experts to ensure that I sample the microblog stream correctly. Third, I will extend Herdict's goal of crowdsourcing censorship monitoring by developing a web form similar to the Herdict Reporter test form, which allows users to test whether sites are censored in their region. The technology stack includes Python, MongoDB, Redis, and Ruby on Rails.