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Google Summer of Code 2012

Bloomington, IN

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[IMAGE]The City of Bloomington is a progressive community and a leader in the use and production of open source software to streamline city operations, reduce costs and provide high quality constituent services.


  • GeoReporter Android Version The Android version of Open311 basically will mirror the iPhone version, which would possess these features which iPhone version also has: Provide a list of participating cities and open311 servers, User can switch between servers, List all the reportable services at the server, Let the user post a report, Show the user their past reports. Beside those features that iPhone version also had, I also propose other features: Attach image for the report, whether freshly taken use camera or from gallery, Automatic realtime detection of current geoposition I’m also willing to make the list of all reports: browsing, listing, and mapping (this will need the specification issue to be settled first).
  • Open311 Module for Kuali Mobility Creating a module for Kuali Mobility mobile application developed for City of Bloomington to provide Open311 services as offered by GeoReporter and configure it to run seamlessly inside the KME app.