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Google Summer of Code 2012 e-cidadania

Student Poposal for e-cidadania

by Hugo Des for e-cidadania

Hi! I'm Hugo a 2nd year student in programming at the University of Montpellier in France. I love programming this is why working on the e-cidadania project this summer would be a dream come true for me. I will have to work this summer -like have since I was 17- to pay for my studies anyway, so you can imagine my motivation for working on GSOC rather than a fast-food chain. 3 Things that makes me a great candiate :) : I'm bi-lingual french/english, great for communication and some localisation. I'm highly motivated, it took me 3 days from having no knowledge of frameworks, to implementing i18n urls patterns to the project (using the django framework). I'm friendly and serious. We all have to get along well together, and we all have to work well together. :) 3 Things that will be a challenge for me this summer: I have never worked on an open-source project before. Seeing what I'm worth as a "real" programmer. Not boasting to my friends as to my new summer job. 3 Things I love about coding: Typing away on my keyboard is considered work by society. Vim is just soooo good. Time just flies by, in a good way. 3 Things that inspire me about the e-cidadania project: Democracy is made accessible and open. Django is really powerfull. The community great and friendly. 3 Things I would cut to get this job: One of my hands. My hair. My sleep. Thanks a lot for considering my proposal, I really hope we're going to work together this summer!! :)