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The Fedora Project

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The Fedora Project is a worldwide community of developers who build and release the Fedora Linux distribution, as well as other deliverables that are part of the larger Fedora ecosystem and infrastructure of participation. The Fedora Project is designed to showcase the best software the open source world has to offer, and to lead the advancement of the world of open source development. The Fedora Project refuses to yield on important issues such as software patents and proprietary software, allowing none of this into the distribution and the project as a whole. We ship a completely open source and redistributable software platform, and invest sizeable amounts of time into the development of open standards and open source. For example, the Fedora Project is one of the leaders in the development of the Nouveau drivers for nVidia graphics cards. Our developers invest much of their time directly in the upstream projects Fedora works with, and our community strives to maintain good standing with all of its upstreams. Above all else, the Fedora Project has four Foudations which drive the project and the distribution: Features, Friends, Freedom and First. These are outlined on our website in more detail.


  • Bringing the Cloud to the Fedora Desktop Aeolus is an umbrella project that provides an open source API which can be used to control any number of backend proprietary cloud providers. It allows us to write tooling that can deploy, monitor, and manage OS instances to any cloud provider such as EC2 or OpenStack in a Free and Open Manner. We require more tools to interface with the various Aeolus components from the Fedora desktop (or any other desktop for that matter) in novel ways such as command-line and GTK-based applications to deploy instances to the cheapest cloud provider or the one with the fastest response time, to monitor running instances using various visualizations, and more closely integrate local data and code with that on the cloud.
  • Fedora Audio spin To create a Fedora Audio spin showcasing the rich and diverse landscape of Linux Audio production.
  • Fedora JBoss Spin The goal of this project it to help the packaging effort of JBoss software in Fedora, specifically JBoss AS7, JBoss Tools, and JBoss Forge. As a final deliverable, a custom spin will be created, which contains all of the packaged JBoss applications installed, and with Eclipse configured in a way that compliments them.
  • Implement a survey infrastructure for the Fedora Project LimeSurvey is one of the best Free Software available today to create surveys and collect details to various uses. Since every community need to take decisions according to their contributors wish this proposed application will support them to collect contributors ideas and make the decision making procedure easy.
  • Insight Use Cases for Calendar Fedora Insight is a Drupal-based website that serves as a place to publish and share news, articles related to Fedora for keep up with recent highlights without following a dozen different blogs and mailing lists. The benefits are limitless for manage scheduling, meetings, events and other activities held within and without the Fedora Project . The Insight Use Cases for Calendar project will be a tool for accomplish those management purposes.
  • Insight Use Cases: Microblogging and Events Proposal to work on Insight Uses Cases 1. Microblogging/Status 2. Events 3. Integrating Twitter/ into the main website 4. Porting FAS authentication module to D7
  • IsItFedoraRuby This project is part of the effort to reduce the overhead in supporting Ruby on Fedora and to promote Fedora as the de-facto platform for Ruby development. The Fedora/Ruby community works hard to convert the Ruby gems into rpms for inclusion in the Fedora stack. I will develop a website ( to promote such effort, highlight success stories, use cases, ways to help, etc.
  • On-Demand Fedora Build Service On-Demand build service seeks to build Live and installation images for developers, testers and consumers of Fedora Linux. During the testing of Fedora releases, test images are often useful as smoke tests before full TC/RC composes, as baselines for specific test days or for automated installation testing in AutoQA. The idea is to make an on-demand Web-based build service which users/developers can use to make custom Fedora based distributions so that command-line wrangling can be minimized.
  • Semi-automated system implementation for FWN FWN is one of the important teams in the Fedora project. It archives and publishes what is happening within the Fedora project. Therefore issuing the FWN weekly is very important. The proposed tool will make the process smoother and requires less man power to make the issue happen.