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Google Summer of Code 2012


License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL 3.0)

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The aim of the FOSSASIA community is to develop and adapt free and open source software with a focus on Asia and Asian users.

One main focus of our projects is to provide tools for input and reading of local languages as well as font development. Another focus are simple gui configuration tools giving access to web content not widely available due to provider limitations or bandwidth. It is our goal to offer everyone the channels for communication traditionally reserved for telcos and media.

We are also looking for GSOC applications that cooperate with existing projects adding gui support to applications, e.g. graphic interfaces for projects like sms servers, thus making tools available for a wider public in Asia and globally. The FOSSASIA community is working exclusively with freely licensed software.

Please have a look on our proposed projects and feel free to add your ideas:


  • CryptoStick feature enhancements The goal of the project is to add one-time-password generation capabilities (based on OATH) and other functions to the Crypto Stick, inspired by the functionality of YubiKey.
  • Image website prototype modules for app upload to Drupal In this project I work on two modules that enable additional functionalities in Drupal to offer photo uploads from mobile devices.
  • Linux Games Distribution Gaming is very popular in Asia. The goal is to offer a Linux distribution that can be burned on a CD or installed on a USB stick. Popular games can be included. The project needs to take care to include hardware drivers for a number of possible computer systems. The Linux distro can be based on other popular distributions. Preferably the distro would offer an app shop that would be integrated from the web. The web service development is part of the project. The challenge of this project to draw a clear plan and implementation and change and develop code to integrate all components. Technologies: Linux, Web technologies, HTML, driver knowledge
  • Linux Games Distribution with lxlauncher My goal is to work on a Linux games distribution that can be burned on a CD or installed on a USB stick. Gaming is very popular in Asia. Existing popular games can be included. The project also needs to take care to include hardware drivers for a number of possible computer systems. The Linux distro will be based on Debian or Ubuntu. I will integrate an app shop based on the existing Ubuntu app shop. The interface will use lxlauncher. I will join development of the project. My goals are to improve my skills of Vala and C++ and become an active contributor to the projects I use for the distribution.
  • Multi-sites Android App Photo Uploader Share your photos to any photo service on the web with the app - to twitter, flickr, google+, facebook, tumblr and many more. With this app you can even set up your own website and upload images from your phone. The app already offers built in support for Drupal (needs to be activated in the code). Technologies: Web technologies, Java, CMS, HTML5
  • Smartphone photosite with map location feature There are already a number of gallery and photosy stems available, but none of the systems (Gallery2, Gallery3, Photosites based on Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and others) have a simple way to upload photos from a mobile app and to show photos on a photo map. The idea of this project is to develop a website that offers a simple API to allow uploading of photos from a smartphone and showing them on a map on the web service.