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We produce Gentoo Linux, a special flavor of Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. Extreme performance, configurability and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience. To learn more, read ourĀ about page.


  • Automatically generated overlay of R packages create an overlay that contains automatically generated ebuilds for R packages from CRAN and BOIC.
  • Cross Container Support The Cross Container Support project is aimed to provide management interfaces to manage fully working qemu-user chroot as a normal container. Within this container, the developers could build, compile and test arm targets on faster systems, especially for the targets that do not support cross compilation, like perl and python. Meanwhile, to speed up the build and compile processes, the project also needs to use crossdev-generated gcc against arm-gcc in certain instances. Therefore, parts of gcc toolchain could be switched between native and emulated states inside the chroot.
  • Daemons in Gentoo Prefix with OpenRC I am going to take the development of prefix support in OpenRC, deploy OpenRC to work with baselayout in Prefix, and extend Prefix with the long-waited feature[1] of services daemons.
  • Ebuild upstream scanner enhancements Euscan (Ebuild Upstream Scanner) is a powerful application for detecting outdated ebuilds in Gentoo Portage by searching new upstream versions of the packages. This utility is hence important for the quality of the packages offered by Gentoo. My project aims to improve significantly Euscan, in particular regarding the web part of the software. The goals are implementing Celery support for running asynchrounous or periodic tasks and enhance the web-user experience integrating euscan with other existing Gentoo platforms, allow subscribing for weekly notifications and improve the admin panel.
  • Extend Creating new with rich web interface and advanced features. Port it to django.
  • Gentoostats 2: Reporting and Analysing Portage Statistics This project aims to implement support in Portage (either directly or through hooks) to selectively report Portage actions and various system information such as package installations/removals, compilation durations and problems, USE flag choices, CFLAGS, kernel configuration, and so forth. This information can be useful to both developers and users and can possibly improve the QA process. In order to encourage participation the project will provide users with free version control for their Portage configuration. Moreover, users will also be given the choice to be contacted in regards to specific packages in order to help developers, or to report information completely anonymously. This project will be implemented in Python and will reuse code from gentoostats and previous similar projects.
  • libbash Libbash will enable programs to use Abstract Syntax Trees to parse bash commands directly instead of using regular expressions. This will be a great benefit to programs both outside and inside Gentoo, including Portage and repoman.
  • SELinux Policy Originator The policy originator is an originator for SELinux policies and rules. Because it is very difficult to find out why a particular rule is set, we are creating this policy originator to simplify the process of figuring it out.