GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 GStreamer

Buzztard Improvements

by Tom Mast for GStreamer

Buzztard is already an excellent tool for musical composition and a great example of the power of GStreamer, but there are some weaknesses that need improving. To begin with, Buzztard presently uses GstInterpolationControlSource which leads to troubles when pattern data changes because the respective queue needs to be changed. Second, the way songs are currently rendered to files is hard-coded in. This leaves no option for the user to change any of the encoding parameters to fit their needs. It is also quite a lot of work to add new formats to the available list at the moment. Third, it would be nice to have the option to record wave-table entries from various sources (a specified audio source or song playback). Fourth, to make it simpler to port the plugins to 0.11, an audio-synthesizer baseclass should be written. This would be used in the current synthesizers, as well as make it possible for new synthesizers to be written in the future. Finally, Buzztard needs to be ported to the 0.11 branch. Correcting these issues is the primary focus of this proposal.