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illumos is the fully open community fork of the OpenSolaris operating system.

Our goal is to foster open development of technologies for the 21st century while building on a twenty-year heritage, free from the oversight of a single corporate entity and resulting challenges, and adapted to survive and thrive under a community model. The source code developed by the project forms the foundation of distributions including OpenIndiana, illumian, and SmartOS, which are also participating under the illumos umbrella. Please see Bryan Cantrill's recent LISA keynote, "Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of illumos".

illumos is a community project with a number of commercial supporters. We welcome applications from students considering operating system development as a career.

Please visit our GSoC 2012 page


  • CIFS client (smbfs) mmap support I think an effective implementation of mmap() for smbfs includes such functions, I will implement these one by one: smbfs_map(), smbfs_getpage(), smfs_putpage(), smbfs_addpage(), smbfs_delpage(). since vop_pageio() is only used for sync anon pages to swap device, so it’s not needed in smbfs.
  • Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) DCCP is a transport protocol suited among other things for media streaming. RFC 6012 recommends it also as a network logging protocol for (newer) syslog implementations. The experience gained in implementing DCCP will lay the groundwork for later work on the plugable congestion control mechanism outlined in PSARC/2009/629.
  • WPA-Enterprise wifi client support The Illumos wpad daemon dates back to 2007 after the net80211 module was partially ported from FreeBSD 7 in 2006. It is based on the 0.3x wpa_supplicant branch and lacks of the EAP authentication methods required for WPA-Enterprise support. Integration of the EAP-TTLS authentication method has already been completed for the OpenSolaris snv_138 release. This project aims to add full WPA-Enterprise support to Illumos WiFi stack on x86 platforms porting the latest stable wpa_supplicant branch, integrating it with dladm, nwam, the net80211 kernel module and preserving the current wifi administration design. Moreover a new backend for managing secure objects, based on the KMF, will be proposed.