GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 KDE

Bullet Integration Into Gluon

by Ganeshprasad T P for KDE

As the Gluon wiki describes it "Gluon is a cross-platform free and open source 2D game engine from KDE. It aims to make life easier for game developers by providing a simple but powerful API to handle 2D objects, sounds and inputs.", Gluon will be a revolution in the way we've seen 2D game creation. People will be able to create new games in a more flexible manner, while the Gluon web content system will allow them to earn rewards. Integration of Bulletphysics to Gluon is a huge addition in this direction. Since the gaming world has entered the rage of Good effects and better look(better Graphics) ,the integration of Bullet physics to Gluon engine provides game developer to create games with clear effects such as collision detection, collision response etc.. in Gluon. This will be huge advantage to develop modern graphics games through Gluon.