GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 KDE

Digikam - Video Slide Show Generator

by A Janardhan Reddy for KDE

People wish to have a tool to export images as video slideshow. This is what tools like man2dvd,imagination, image2mpeg does, or we can use command line tools of imageMagick and mjpegtools to export images as video slideshow with required transitions. However the powerfullness of these tools come at a price: complexity. The goal of this project is a develop a kipi frontend tool using these tools(imageMagick and mjpegtools) to export images as videoslideshow. This must be able to do authoring with image contents, for example to change order of images, slide time pause, add transition effects, add audio files as a background. This tool must be able to export to video files, as MPEG, AVI DIVX, or to video media, as CD and DVD video. The tool must be portable under Linux, MacOSX and windows. Bug: