GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 KDE

Semantic desktop collection in Amarok

by Phalgun Guduthur for KDE

Nepomuk has been a great semantic framework in recent years with many applications like Dolphin using it for managing metadata associated with its files and resources. But Amarok, still doesn't make use of the existing framework which comes bundled with any KDE distro. So, the objective of the project is to develop a Nepomuk based collection backend for Amarok which is functionally equivalent to the existing embedded MySql backend. An earlier attempt to achieve this was made this in GSoC 2008, but it never went on to be implemented and bundled along with the Amarok package because of reliability and performance issues. This is another attempt to make use of the excellent Nepomuk framework in Amarok and make it more semantic.