GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 KDE

Introduction of Context Action Based Layout and UI Improvements in Gluon Creator

by Shreya Pandit for KDE

Gluon Creator, as we all know is that wonder pen, that allows a gaming freak to wield his magic with click-and-go! The craze for game development has grown exponentially in terms of popularity in the last few years.For an open source lover, an obvious choice to start with is Gluon Creator. It would be so awesome, if everyone, from a novice to a professional feels elated and at ease while dealing with creator. The project not only caters to this, but also aims at introducing a Game Distribution Wizard, that will reform the way users can share and enjoy games! Finally, I will reform many parts of Gluon Creator's current UI layout, so that it is more informative and usable :)