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Google Summer of Code 2012 KDE

Multimodal Accessibility: Using Computer Vision to improve Speech Recognition in Simon

by Yash Shah for KDE

A major obstacle for command and control speech recognition systems is to differentiate commands from background noise. Many systems solve this by using physical buttons or certain key phrases to activate/deactivate the speech recognition. This project explores the use of computer vision to determine when to activate / deactivate the sound recognition using visual cues. For a media centre or robot applications, it would make a lot more sense to only activate the recognition when the user is actively looking at the screen/robot and is speaking something. This is strikingly similar to the day-to-day communication between humans! Face recognition can also be employed to provide different speech models for different people. In this way the media centre could adapt to different people in one household. Furthermore, In the current version of simon, users have to activate/deactivate the simon manually or using voice commands. In addition to that we can perform the gestures to control the on/off states of Simon by itself.