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LibreOffice is the power-packed free, libre and open source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base.


  • Calc Performance Improvements There are areas of LibreOffice Calc that can benefit from performance improvements and run-time memory reduction. Based on guidance received from the LibreOffice community, this proposal identifies tasks and presents a schedule that will contribute to this goal.
  • Enhanced Impress svg export filter The aim of this project is to improve the Impress svg export filter I started working on the last GSoC. The main goals for the GSoC time-frame are to add support for slide transitions and transformation effects and to carry out a new implementation of the text export feature such that we can provide support for text search engine and text animations. In such a way the user get a complete feature rich presentation in a single svg document that can be displayed in any enough modern browser.
  • Implementing a Microsoft Publisher import filter for LibreOffice Publisher is the desktop publishing component of Microsoft Office. Import of Publisher files is completely unsupported by any free office suite that I know of, substantially hindering migration of end users to Free software. I intend to change that by writing a Publisher import filter for LibreOffice that is as complete, correct, and bug-free as possible.
  • Java GUI for Libre-Office Based Android App(s) I propose a project to build a native Android GUI for apps built on the Libre-Office core. A port of Libre-Office to Android is in progress, however, the UI presented is designed for desktop use. For Libre-Office to be successful on the Android platform it needs an interface that is optimised for smaller mobile touch interfaces and which blends in with Android’s own look and feel.
  • New templates picking UI Refactoring and design a new dialog for managing templates that can be picked from local or remote repositories using the CMIS protocol.
  • Signed PDF export This is an idea from the The Document Foundation GSoC Ideas page. The goal of this project is to implement and test digital signatures in PDF export feature. As stated in the ideas page, encryption of signed pdf files is a nice-to-have target.
  • Smartphone remote control for LibreOffice Impress Implementation of an android based remote control for Impress, allowing the user to change slides and preview slides and view the notes on their android smartphone (or tablet).
  • Telepathy for collaboration One of the big missing features in LibreOffice is collaborative editing. This task is about work on a framework for collaboration using Telepathy DBus tubes over XMPP. One to one contact collaboration and many to many MUC collaboration.
  • Tooling - More and better tests In this proposal I want to present myself as a person who can - and want to - contribute to the LibreOffice project. I am eager to help and willing to learn. I'm a friendly person and have no problem in listening what person, who knows more, thinks will be better for the project. I think the project is great, and the testing is very important in developing and maintaning software.