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Google Summer of Code 2012 New Visions for Public Schools

Rosters and scheduling || Reservations || pushData

by Benjamin Talić for New Visions for Public Schools

The project is to build an Google Apps Script as part Spreadsheets. The NY iSchool will upload their data to a Google Spreadsheet from which the script needs to get data and create: 1) A roster for every period every day. 2)Personal schedule for every student 3)Personal schedule for every professor Extensive documentation would of course provide other interested parties to implement this solution. Reservations Reservations is a light app for automating the process of making reservations via the users website. The app uses a GUI to get information about the visitor and saves the information to a spreadsheet. pushData pushData is a app that will mainly be used as a backbone for other apps or system. It has also some potential as a standalone application. pushData allows for an easy way to map copy relationships between spreadsheets. It uses time triggers to push data between spreadsheets. This version of pushData uses ScriptDb as a huge part of the process.