GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 Natural User Interface Group

Moving CCV Forward - A Solid Foundation

by Scott Halstvedt for Natural User Interface Group

This project's goal is to finish designing and implementing the second version of NUI's Community Core Vision project, CCV2. The major architectural changes that set CCV2 apart from its predecessor are a modular, multithreaded architecture and a focus on extensibility and configurability. This will yield performance improvements for current applications, and also greatly increase the utility and ease of use of CCV. The application will also be separated into parts, a GUI/configuration client and a services daemon, that communicate through a well-defined API. This split configuration opens the door to implementations that vary for different client enviroments (different GUI's), and also enables the daemon to be run on a different machine from the client. Perhaps most importantly, CCV2 will lay a more robust foundation for continued research in Natural User Interfaces.