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OGDF - Open Graph Drawing Framework

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The Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF) is a C++ library of algorithms and data structures for graph drawing. OGDF’s goal is to help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of automatic graph drawing. The library offers a wide variety of algorithms and data structures, some of them requiring complex and involved implementations, e.g., algorithms for planarity testing and planarization, or data structures for graph decomposition. A substantial part of these algorithms and data structures are building blocks of graph drawing algorithms, and the  OGDF aims at providing such functionality in a reusable form, thus also providing a powerful platform for implementing new algorithms.


  • Bertault Layout Bertault Layout is a force-directed layout which aims at achieving uniform edge lengths without producing any more cross-edges than in the original graph. Important for preserving the planar embedding in the graph while getting an aesthetically pleasing layout.
  • OGDF: Hypergraph Layout Practical implementation of a new layout module in OGDF for orthogonal hypergraph layout using hypergraph crossing minimization heuristics published by M. Chimani and C. Gutwenger on ISAAC 2007.