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Opencast Matterhorn

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Opencast is a community of organizations and individuals who are interested in the use of rich media in higher education.  The first open source project supported by the community is Matterhorn, an open source enterprise lecture capture and distribution system.  Opencast and Matterhorn have clear governance structures, higher education institutions adopting the system from around the world, a rich array of vendors supplying support for the system, and a core group of over 20 committers.


  • Segment Topic Detection This project implies taking segments of video and performing semantic analysis on them. The main goal of the project is to identify topics in these segments on one hand, by only taking into consideration the video lectures and, on the other, by matching segments with topics from other classroom artifacts such as a course syllabus.
  • Student Statistics Viewer The project would be to build an HTML-5-based statistics viewer, for summarizing students' viewing data. It would have a machine-learning component, for clustering students and extracting viewing patterns.