GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 OpenIntents

OI File Manager redesign, code cleanup and performance enhancement.

by George Venios for OpenIntents

OI File Manager has been online since the early days of Android. This is both an advantage and a responsibility as on the one hand it has a really big user base, but on the other hand it has been running long enough for the code to become messy and the UI obsolete. Now that the Ice Cream Sandwich Style Guide has been released, it is of great importance to follow it as early as possible and provide a product that will be consistent with the rest of the platform, so that a great user experience will be ensured. Furthermore, most of the other file managers on the market don’t follow these guidelines, and promoting one of the most successful OI applications through the timely use of the latest and greatest features of the platform can only be good for the OI whole brand.