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The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.


  • Beautiful 1-Click Install The aim of the project is to implement a more simplified 1-Click install mechanism for installation of packages
  • Complete AppStream/Software-Center Work on tasks required to get AppStream into a usable state on as many distributions as possible, focusing on openSUSE. This includes fixing the Software Center and updating parts of PackageKit.
  • openSUSE Karma plugin for openSUSE Connect Motivation: We want contributing to the openSUSE community more fun! Solution: The project involves implementing the Karma concept on openSUSE Connect. The basic motivation is similar to the ‘Reputation’ score on StackExchange. On Connect, the users would gain Karma by completing bug-fixes, Wiki entries, posts to the openSUSE planet, helping others on mailing lists, promoting openSUSE events on Twitter, etc. People can also send positive Karma across to others who have been supportive. On completion of certain activities, users would be awarded badges.
  • osc2 client The goal of this GSoC project is to start with implementing a new user interface for the osc2 client. Additionally the osc2 python module will also be enhanced.
  • Popularity contest for RPM (popcorn) Popcorn aims to track the collection of packages and repositories that users have installed on their systems in a central place.
  • Redesign fdisk to be more extensible and implement GPT support Because of the long history of patches and different authors the GNU/Linux fdisk tool has had, it is nowadays, an ungly mix of hacks, coding styles and concepts. This, added to the complete lack of internal documentation, and program complexity, makes it difficult to read the source code, error prone and tedious. This project aims at redesigning the logical layout of the GNU/Linux fdisk disk partitioner, unifying its code and logical layers (like lower block devices, interaction with libblkid and interfaces, among others). Later, its goal is to enhance the tool with GPT support, this is important because it is a very used partition table for modern computers.
  • Scanny Ruby on Rails Security Scanner
  • Upstream/Downstream Tracker Many distributions have some custom tools to track upstream, and to help determine, for example, what is the latest version of an application. However, all those tools have some limitations and none is available as a service that everybody could use. The goal of this project is to bootstrap a common tracker that could be then used to know the status of a module upstream, but also in various distributions. Information about the versions, but also what patches distro use and opened bugs are the first metadata we'd want to cover.
  • writable snapshot support for ext4 snapshot Now ext4 snapshot only supports read only snapshot. This project aims to add writable snapshot support for ext4 snapshot. For more info on ext4 snapshot, please visit website