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The Outercurve Foundation

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The Outercurve Foundation provides software IP management and project development governance to enable and encourage organizations to develop software collaboratively in open source communities.  We have been steadily growing the number of open source software projects we support over the past three years to 23 projects collected together in four galleries.  All our projects are described on our website with pointers off to their community sites.

We only accept and support projects that are licensed under OSI-approved open source licenses. We are a 501(c)6 non-profit in the United States.  Our board of directors consists of both sponsors and outside board members ( Our governance documents are published here:


  • CoApp Package Maker GUI The CoApp project has a command line tool that allows a developer to create packages. The purpose of the project is to create a desktop application that would allow software publishers to create a package in a GUI, instead at the command line. Creating package in GUI has a lot of advantages: an intuitive UI is easier to use for most of the users and don’t need long learning time; offer easy view and control for multiple items, so it's more faster ; package creation is a multi-step task that can easily be grouped together in a way that prevent wrong input
  • Mayhem Modules Mayhem is a simple scripting system that includes a library of events and reactions that can be trivially connected together. My project consists of adding 4 new modules to Mayhem: Microsoft Office Module, Google Module, Connectivity Module, Skype Module. By adding new capabilities to the program, my project intends to give users the opportunity to connect the features of their programs and devices in the most useful, effective and fun way.