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Google Summer of Code 2012 PacketFence

Android-based application for devices autoconfiguration

by Mesut Can G├╝rle for PacketFence

"Android-based application for devices autoconfiguration" idea is about providing automatically network connection. Networks which use 802.1x are generally hard for an end user to connect. Because the protocol itself supports a lot of encryption algorithms. For an end user it can be hard to configure it. For IOS based devices an aoutonomus system has already developed. Some settings and user credentials are put into an xml file called .mobiconfig. Using this file gives end user to connect a network, vpn connection, E-mail server settings, exchange settings, Ldap settings etc ( Using a .mobiconfig file for wifi connection provides a secure and simple configuration for users. PacketFence has already this feature. But there is no alternative to this technology in Android based devices. Aim of this project is about developing an Android application that gets .mobiconfig file and parse it, then the application makes configuration for wifi access according to this .mobiconfig file.