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Parrot Foundation

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The Parrot Foundation supports development on the Parrot Virtual Machine, compilers for high-level languages that target the virtual machine, and a large ecosystem of supporting projects and libraries.


  • LAPACK bindings for Parrot-Linear-Algebra Parrot is a multi-language, multi-platform virtual machine.The main goal of the project is to provide bindings of LAPACK with PLA and fully compatible with PLA along with some default functions.In which the functions would be mainly matrix operations such as calculating determinants, eigenvalues, eigenvectors and decompositions
  • Mod_Parrot 2.0 Mod_parrot was a module for running the parrot virtual machine inside the apache httpd web server. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore. This is a proposal to implement a new and improved version, so we can run our parrot-compatible programs in the worlds' most popular webserver.
  • PACT Assembly The current defacto assembly language for Parrot, PIR, and the IMCC compiler that processes it are often considered to be a limitation in Parrot development. PIR hides much of the details of the bytecode and IMCC is considered difficult to extend or fix. This project has the aim of creating an in-VM library for producing bytecode and a simple assembly language targeting it as a proof of concept.