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We're developing phpMyAdmin, a MySQL web interface. It supports most MySQL features, is widely used by database administrators and well supported by hosting providers.

For more information on how to proceed to participate in Google Summer of Code 2012 please see our applicant guide (alternate site).

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  • Refactoring Insert/edit, Operations, Privilege and Structure sections in phpMyAdmin Refactoring is needed for code base of phpMyAdmin (PMA), because there are a lot of mix of HTML, and PHP tags and ugly code in the code base. In addition, the source code is not structured well. As an open source project, the source code must be highly maintainable because of the number of developers will be involved with this project as a contributors. The main purpose of this project is to improve code readability, maintainability and to reduce the complexity of the code. Further, the understandability of the code will also be improved. In this project mainly focusing on set of sections in phpMyAdmin. Insert/edit, Privileges, Operations and Structure sections will refactoring.
  • Refactoring: Displaying query results In current code base of PMA, the code for displaying query results is not much reusable. To improve the ability of re usability of the code, I have suggestions to refactor the code with better approaches. The code is going to be improved by applying Object Oriented Programming concepts. Along with that, new features like support for displaying results for multiple queries at once, introducing some more built-in transformations where it is applicable will be considered.
  • Refactoring: Table search, Db search, Multi-table query The project aims at restructuring the complex and complicated programming codes of phpMyAdmin scripts relating to Table search, Db search, Multi-table query sections into simple and easy-to-understand ones.
  • Removal of frames and integration of a new navigation system into phpMyAdmin The primary goal of this project is to change the layout of phpMyAdmin from a frame-based layout to an AJAX-driven layout. A secondary goal of this project is to replace the old "flat" navigation system with a new AJAX-driven navigation system that displays elements in a tree structure.
  • Two approaches for Plugins and OOP and an object-oriented properties system My project presents two approaches of creating an object-oriented plugin system. This will contain all the current plugins functionalities, which will be improved and refactored to the fullest, as well as new possible plugin implementations. A well-structured object-oriented properties system, which will be easier and safer to use is also presented. They will both fit nicely in the growing object-oriented structure of phpMyAdmin.