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PulseAudio is the de-facto standard audio server on the Linux desktop and is deployed in a number of embedded environments. It builds on native audio interfaces to provide a number of advanced features to enable a seamless user experience, while providing a modular architecture for easy adaptation for diverse purposes.


  • Configurable latency for Bluetooth devices Pulseaudio currently uses the same hard-coded latency value for all Bluetooth devices. Assuming that the actual latency stays pretty much constant for any given device, but varies between different devices, it would make sense to make it possible to configure per-device latencies.
  • Enhance Logging and Testing Facilities in PulseAudio PulseAudio has some ad-hoc logging and testing facilities. But they both need some improvements to make the system a better environment for developers. Therefore, developers can use these tools to have a better life. According to the time spent on the above proejct, if time permits, I would also like to help improve HDMI support in pulseaudio.
  • GUI Interaction/User Feedback This project aims to provide basic GUI integration and user feedback for device discovery events, through the Desktop Notification specification.