GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 Sahana Software Foundation

CERT: Parsing SMS Messages

by Ashwyn Sharma for Sahana Software Foundation

The essential requirement for this project is to parse inbound messages , with an initial focus to SMS. The project is specifically aimed at the CERT usecase where they wish to process responses to deployment notifications. Or in other words , to handle replies to deployment requests. We want to be able to direct the message to the appropriate module to handle the data. This could be done either by launching a real REST request or else simulating one via the API. Although the project primarily focuses on SMS as the inbound mode of communication, the parsing rules will be generic and valid for other processes such as Email &Twitter. The functionality will be among the deployment-specific options. The project also aims at integrating OpenGeoSMS (esp. for the Android Client).Using a dedicated parsing generator for complex parsing needs is also in scope for this project.