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ScummVM is a collection of Virtual Machines for playing classic graphical point-and-click adventure games on modern hardware. Supported games include favorites such as Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Space Quest, and many more. To this end, the Virtual Machines (called Engines) are complete reimplementations in C++ of the engines used in the original games.


  • Scaler Plugin System This project will add a plugin system for scalers. This will make it easier to add new scalers in the future as well as include support for higher bit-depths.
  • ScummVM - WinterMute-port This task aims to Port the WME-Lite (WinterMute Engine-lite) engine to ScummVM, to allow the current games written for that engine to be played with ScummVM. It will also open up the possibility for users to create their own games that work with ScummVM, as authoring tools exist for WME.
  • Testing framework for ScummVM The main goal of the project is to write Testing framework – a program module, which enables to record and reproduce all “external” game events, like users actions.