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Sigmah is open source software for integrated project management within humanitarian NGOs. Available in 3 langues (English, French, Spanish) version 1.1 is currently in adoption by 8 NGOs ( like French Red Cross, M├ędecins du Monde or Handicap International.

Groupe URD ( is a not-for-profit French organization aiming to help the humanitarian sector to improve its practices. One of our means among many to achieve this goal is through the use of software to make humanitarian organizations more efficient and more able to structure their work. Sigmah project is our main and almost single software project for the sector. On this project, we work in close partnership with Ideia (, the software company which develops Sigmah. Groupe URD is the interface between final users in NGOs and Ideia. Groupe URD works as the functional project leader for Sigmah and Ideia as the technical one. In GSOC, Groupe URD plays the role of mentoring organization while Ideia's Sigmah lead developer will be the mentor for the students.


  • Analysis and Reporting data collected in Sigmah The proposed project aims to offer feature for exporting data using predefined and custom report templates.
  • Improvements to the Sigmah Community Website Project Any OpenSource Project thrives because of the vibrant community that supports it. The community that we speak of, needs a place to interact, discuss, help each other, and for Sigmah, the Community website project is such a platform. My GSoC Project proposal, talks about some major improvements to the platform, like integration of numerous Wiki like features to the User manual to enhance collaborative contribution, Mailinglists managements for more efficient Inner Governance of the Project, Improvements to the workflow involved in Subscriptions,more efficient integration of the Sigmah Community Platform with the Sigmah Issue Tracker, and addition of numerous other usability features to the Sigmah Community Platform.