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Google Summer of Code 2013 Benetech

Achieve Word level Highlighting Synchronized with TTS

by Yashasvi girdhar for Benetech

The main goal of this project is to extend the functionality of the current android app, to support “Smooth Word-Level Highlighting Synchronized with TTS” using open source “Flite” TTS engine .This would really help the dyslexic users to read and study text documents in more understandable format. It mainly includes the following : 1) To modify the internal C code of flite, to support word level callbacks to the java app. 2) Porting the flite TTS to the android app 3) Modify the java code accordingly, to handle the highlighting “smoothly”, maintaining the current code structure. The user will be given a choice between using Android TTS or the Flite TTS. If the Flite TTS is selected, word level highlighting should be supported by the app.