GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Bloomington, IN, USA

Mapping module on uReport - City of Bloomington

by Quan Zhang for Bloomington, IN, USA

The city of Bloomington has a web application uReport to receive the issues reported by citizens. Now the city's database stored more than 70,000 tickets. In the main page of the web application, the users need to see the tickets on the map. Also they can filter tickets by choosing properties as search parameters. However, a problem rose. If we show all the tickets as markers on the map at a time, the map will be full of markers. Also, displaying the markers will take a long time. What's worse, the client will receive tickets from Solr server. The time to transmit tickets data from server to client will also be too long to accept. We need to cluster markers on server side and transmit the clusters instead of tickets to the map of the client.