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Google Summer of Code 2013 BRL-CAD

Implementation of a heart primitive

by Isaac Kamga for BRL-CAD

In our world today , we observe that all solid objects are simply combinations of basic ones like cubes,spheres,cones,etc and we frequently have to manipulate objects which have surfaces such as gadgets and devices . With the explosion in ubiquitous technology, Computer-aided design (CAD) software helps us create digital content in adverts and movies as well as visualize some solid objects like perfume bottles and shampoo before they are actually manufactured. In this project, we propose that BRL-CAD, which aspires to be the best CAD software, should incorporate a heart, a symbol of love, into its core functionality as one of its basic solid objects in order to increase its customer base and differentiate itself amongst its competitors. Indeed, this heart structure ( also called a heart primitive ) shall be used by those producing cartoons and designing electronic cards, gifts and presents during celebrations such as birthdays, weddings,family reunions, anniversaries and Valentine's day which deeply appeals to many individuals,families and communities.So during the summer, this heart primitive will be included into the raytrace library as a set of routines with corresponding support added to other parts of the source code.