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Google Summer of Code 2013 The Centre for Computational Medicine

Extraction of Ontologies terms from free form clinical notes

by Ravi Garg for The Centre for Computational Medicine

Phenotips is a web based software tool that provides doctors/clinicians easy to use interface for maintaining and analyzing patient data in an efficient way. PhenoTips right now provides an auto-suggest feature whereby doctor/clinician can search for the respective Phenotype. This is based on Apache Lucene/Solr based back-end search system. However Human Phenotype Ontology has approximately 10,000 terms associated and it is not possible for any user to remember every single one. Therefore through this project I propose to build a system which will facilitate the migration of patient records into Phenotips by automatically extracting Human Phenotype Ontology terms from the free form clinical text. This will not only be a user friendly arrangement but will also help him/her save a lot of time in the process.