GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Debian Project

ZFS on Linux integration

by Aron Xu for Debian Project

ZFS provides many more advanced features than any other filesystems available to Linux users, and it's proven in production environment for years. There is btrfs under heavy development to provide similar functions, while the way is still quite long to go. At the same time native ZFS on Linux (ZoL) is a low hanging fruit for Linux users. To achieve this target we have two things to do: make zfs actually work on a Linux distribution; make it better integrated into the system, pushing its higher-level functions more handy to end users. This project covers the both parts, which is to provide a functional ZFS support in Debian by integrating basic functions into the system and more in-depth integration. A well integrated ZFS support will make Debian even better suited for enterprise usages than today, and most of the work in this project will be immediately available to BTRFS users once different bits are taken care.