GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Health Information Systems Programme

Android application for DHIS 2

by Araz Abishov for Health Information Systems Programme

Every day quantity of Android smartphones increases with unreal speed, and low price of devices makes them available to people with low income. As the result they are widely used in developing countries, where dhis2 is used as well. So I think dhis2 Android client should be implemented in the first order. First of all, Android application of dhis2 should support variety of OS versions (beginning from 2.2 – Gingerbread ending with 4.X - Jellybean) because a lot of devices still didn’t get update to new Android 4.X (maybe will not at all). This app should be simple and straightforward, so I want it to be in HOLO style. And of course it should be multi-lingual. I’m planning to implement core of application before first deadline (POSTing and GETting data from server, reporting ability, offline mode). After mid-term I want to add Geolocation support , implement Tablet interface and make application multilingual.