GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 GNU Radio

LDPC codes and more FEC in GNURadio

by Manu T S for GNU Radio

This project aims to deliver generic encoders and decoders for LDPC codes, and other FEC schemes currently not available in GNU Radio. Project will concentrate heavily on LDPC codes. First stage of the project will deliver blocks implementing basic algorithms to construct parity check matrix for a class of capacity approaching LDPC codes and to construct encoders and decoders from the obtained parity check matrix. This stage will deliver Reed-Solomon based LDPC codes and sum product algorithm. The second stage will concentrate on delivering blocks implementing more sophisticated and efficient set of algorithms for LDPC codes. Specifically, LDPC codes based on finite geometry, masking and progressive edge growth algorithm will be delivered. The third stage will deliver encoders and decoders for BCH code and attempt to improve Reed-Solomon available in gr-fec namespace. The project duration is broken down into 7 phases, each with specific goals for tractability. The project seeks to make use of available open-source implementations.