GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 GNU Radio

GNU Radio: 802.11a/n/g Receiver and Wireshark Connector

by Shashank Gaur for GNU Radio

The GNURadio is an open source community which provides continuous signal processing solutions for Software Defined Radio. The basic development of GNU Radio toolkit is done in a manner to make it compatible with low-cost RF hardware to achieve SDRs. Primarily written in Python and C++, the toolkit provides user to real time radio systems in a simple enviornment. The aim of this Project is to develop an OFDM Reciever for GNURadio and integrate wireshar into it. Hence enabling GNURadio as a tool which can receive the packets for OFDM and analyse the algorithm implemented on network as well. Please find the pdf version of the proposal at the link provided in Additional Info.