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Google Summer of Code 2013 The Honeynet Project

"Project 11: HpfeedsHoneyGraph for visualizing malicious intention" Proposal by Vincent Kao

by Vincent Wei-Chen Kao for The Honeynet Project

I am interested in "Project 11 - HpfeedsHoneyGraph for visualizing" GSoC-2013.My aims as follow : 1.Making malicious intention can easily be used in understanding in HpfeedsHoneyGraph 2.Design Friendly web interface. My proposal is divided into two parts and its children. The back-end part: (1)Index and Searches (2)Events formalization (3)D3.js Graph Generator (4)Graph Basic Functions (5)Malicious Intent Match (Optional) The front-end part: (1)Motif Simplification Graph (2)2-dimension Activities Analysis graph (3)Time-series snapshot graph