GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 The Java Pathfinder Team

Habanero Deadlock Detector

by Brandon for The Java Pathfinder Team

To keep up with the high demand of computer processing speed, concurrency will be important to the computer programming industry. Habanero Java (HJ) is a simple library that allows concurrency. Combined with Java Pathfinder (JPF), a user program can be run. JPF will then report if their program data-races, deadlocks, there are assertion violations or not. However, since HJ runtime library is fairly linear, and the concurrency scheduling is operating system dependent, it only looks at a small limited number of possible outcomes and may not find any data-races or deadlocks even if they are possible. Our project will help solve this problem, and find several possible outcomes of a precompiled HJ program with JPF. If a deadlock is possible, JPF will be able to report where the deadlock occurred.