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MariaDB is an enhanced, drop-in replacement to MySQL. It is community-developed. It is led by the MariaDB Foundation. The MariaDB Foundation is a non-stock corporation that has applied for the US 501(c)(3) status, with so far 8 founders and 2 sponsors having pledged support, and more in discussion. At MariaDB, we also have LGPL connectors for C, Java & C++, and we also work on MariaDB Galera Cluster.


  • Kerberize MariaDB -- add kerberos authentication support to MariaDB Kerberos is a standardised network authentication protocol providing mutual authentication of potential consumer and network service. Many commercial relational database management systems have already internalized support for Kerberos authentication. This project aims to adding Kerberos authentication support to MariaDB database, a drop-in replacement for MySQL.
  • Regex enhancements This is my proposal for the Regex enhancements project listed in the ideas page. I've been emailing with the mentor for this project and fully aware of the work to be done. I think this project will be a great opportunity to show my abilities and learn something new.
  • Roles Project The project aims to provide a way to easily manage database credentials and permissions with a large number of users and databases present. The way the project aims to achieve this is by implementing, according to the SQL standard of 2003, the ROLES feature.