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Google Summer of Code 2013


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Melange is the software that powers Google Summer of Code. If improving the way that Google Summer of Code is run as your Google Summer of Code project sounds attractively recursive, please join us!


  • Functional Testing focusing on BDD Introduction : At this point of time, our development strategy at melange is somewhat close to Test driven development, the aim is to build on top of it and take it more closer to Behavior driven development. This would ensure that all the functional requirements of the application are met as per users’ expectations. Another aim of the project is to improve and develop the acceptance test framework using pyccuracy ,ease the process of test case writing,taking feature requests by having a custom DSL and later pass on to automated functional testing with continuous integration.
  • Implement a Messaging System in Melange My project would implement a messaging system within Melange, where one user can send a message through an online interface to other users or groups of users. Users will be notified of new messages both through the website and through optional email notifications, and can reply to messages in a conversation thread. Users can also reply by replying directly to email notifications.
  • Lists Enhancement in Melange Many of the web pages in consists of lists. The list of accepted organizations, the list of accepted GSoC projects and published GCI tasks are lists that are publicly view-able. Other than those there are many lists that can be viewed by students, mentors, organization admins and program admin. Some of these lists contains thousands of items. This project aims to improve the user experience and performance of those lists.