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MoinMoin Wiki

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The MoinMoin Wiki engine.

The MoinMoinproject is developing a popular wiki engine in Python.

We are working on the next major release of it (moin2), you can help us getting it ready for release!



  • Changing API and UI for itemids and revids / Improving the namespaces and multiple names support The project comprises of three parts, first to improve the itemid and revid functionality. The second to improve the code so it deals flawlessly with namespaces and multiple names and some UI stuff.
  • Improvements to the User Interface User Interfaces in today's world now want to depending more on everyday gestures, say double-clicks. More interactive with the user. Making the UI more dynamic, currently its more like static HTML. Make a well usable and good looking UI. The UI we have in picture is basic, but powerful as matches with the release goal of moin2.
  • Mail/Notification related functionality MoinMoin2.0 is the bright future of MoinMoin wiki engine and since there is a lot of work to be done in order to deliver a stable release, I would like to help and be a part of the team. I am particularly interested in Mail/Notification related functionality. Making improvements and porting some features from MoinMoin1.9 will enhance greatly user and administrator experience.