GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Design and implement an API for tiled vectorial support of POIProxy for gvSIG Mini

by Arturo for OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation

The idea consists in creating a brand new POIProxy client based on gvSIG Mini that will provide access to a set of geo-location services. Technically this project pretends to provide gvSIG Mini with a simple API to support POIProxy services. The API will offer transparent support to load a geo-located service, make requests as the user navigates the map, cache data (into memory and disk in standard GeoJSON) to speed up the data-load, and build the user interfaces to show extra data, such as additional info, media (images, video), etc. The user will have the chance to load one or more POIProxy layers that will make requests to geo-location services as the user navigates the map. That functionality will offer social and contextual information related to the location of the user. On the other hand, gvSIG Mini don’t provide any geocoding nor reverse-geocoding service. POIProxy is a good candidate to provide those services.